How To Get A Certified Arborist License

A very rewarding career that you may want to consider pursuing is becoming a certified arborist. These are individuals that are versed in all things related to trees, shrubs, and a wide variety of other types of plant life. If you have ever worked for them for service, or if you have associated with a botanist, these are very similar in their focus. If you enjoy being outside, and you don’t mind interacting with like-minded individuals that have an affinity for all things that grow, this might be the perfect profession for you. Let’s go over how you can get a license to be a certified arborist so that you can make a good living doing what you love.

What Does An Arborist Do?

An arborist is a highly skilled individual that has some type of a degree in science that qualifies them for this position. They understand how to plant, maintain, and also care for trees that are both healthy and sick. They will be aware of the different species of trees, the types of sicknesses they can develop, and the different ways that they can be treated. All of this is possible when you are able to get your education out of the way and find a job as an arborist.

How Do You Get To Be A Certified Arborist?

There are schools that you can attend to become an ISA Certified Arborist. You are going to learn many things, pursuing this career over about three years of education, culminating with taking an exam. This will give you a credential and certificate that you can use to get jobs in this profession. The other way is that you could get an Associates degree, otherwise known as a two-year degree, in some type of related fields. If you already have a bachelors degree, one year of experience is all you need.

How Do You Find These Schools?

Finding these schools is very easy to do. Once you have found several companies that offer this type of training, you can look at reviews. These will be left by students that have taken the courses. Those that have very positive feedback are the ones that you should consider. You should also limit your list based on who offers to finance as this can be very expensive. After you have found the best school, that does offer to finance for new students, you should apply so that you can attend. After several years, you will earn your certificate so that you can be a professional arborist.

There are likely local schools that you can attend to help you pursue your dream of being an arborist. If you are diligent, and you have chosen the right school, it should be a very rewarding experience. By the end of the first year, you will know if you have chosen the right place to attend. Once you have graduated, and you have your certificate, you will be ready to move forward with finding a new job as an arborist in your immediate area.