Best Way To Fell A Tree Using A Chainsaw

Using a chainsaw does take quite a bit of skill and finesse. There are many people that have been hurt trying to cut down a tree. When they do this, they need to use specific skills and a sharp chain. If they don’t, they could end up having an accident. If you would prefer cutting on your own tree, you can do this with a chainsaw, but there are certain things that you need to know. When used properly, you can easily cut through even a large tree, without any problems at all. Let’s go over the basics of how a chainsaw works, how you use it, and where you can find one at an affordable cost at your fort worth, tx expert tree service company.

How Does A Chainsaw Work?

A chainsaw is a device that runs on gasoline. It is very similar to a lawnmower in its design. It is going to spin a chain, similar to how a lawnmower motor is going to spin the blade that cuts the grass. The main difference is the chain is very sharp. When you put it up to a tree, it is going to start cutting through. It will not cut through instantly. You have to easier way into the tree, going through the bark, until you are all the way to the other side.

How Do You Cut Down A Tree With A Chainsaw?

The first thing that you need to do is put a notch on one side. This is going to be the shape of a piece of the pie. The reason that you do this is that it’s going to be on the side in the direction where you want the tree to fall. You typically put this on the side that is leaning. You can hire a tree service with the experience here at That will ensure that it will fall in that direction. You will then take the wedge out, go to the other side, and then you will cut at an angle, angling down. This will cause the tree to begin to bend, eventually snapping, and falling to the ground.

Where To Get A Proper Chainsaw

Chainsaws can be obtained from local stores in your area. There will likely be several different models to choose from. Whether you choose a very expensive one or one that is just a few hundred dollars, either one of these is going to work with small branches. It is recommended that you pay for a more expensive one if you are going to go through the entire tree. The blade should be at least a few inches wider than the diameter of the tree you are falling. All of this can be worked out by talking to the representative that is selling it to you. They can even switch on a blade that is going to work better.

Once you have purchased your chainsaw, and you use the tips provided, you should have no problem cutting through the tree. You may want to actually practice on smaller trees, if you have them on your property, especially if you also need to remove them. Most people will begin practicing on a branch, but this is very different than actually causing an entire tree to fall. Whether you start from the top and work your way down, or you simply fall the tree from the base all at once, it can be accomplished with the right chainsaw.